North Kitsap Soccer Club

Player Code of Conduct

Player Code of Conduct
North Kitsap Select Player Code of Conduct
As a participating member of a NK Select team,
I am a visible representative of NK Select and
Washington State Youth Soccer Asso
ciation (WSYSA). My personal
actions will be a credit to
this club and the association at all times, bot
h on and off the field, in or out of uniform.

I will demonstrate responsible behavior, respect for ot
hers and their personal property, good citizenship,
and adherence to club rules and team guidelines.

Substance abuse (alcohol and/or drugs) will not be
tolerated. Any consumption and/or possession of
alcohol or drugs will not be allowed.

I will conduct myself with good sports
manship at all times. I will be gracious in victory and in defeat. I
will obey the rules and accept th
e decisions of officials
and coaches with dignity.

I will perform as a team player, win or lose. I will pe
rsonally support and encourage the positive efforts of
my teammates. I will play hard to win but will alwa
ys play fair. I will work to bring honor to my
teammates, my team and NK Select.

I understand that the coach is respon
sible for running the team. If I have questions or concerns, that it is
best to discuss them with my coach in an honest and
direct manner. In the same way, I also expect my
coach to discuss issues with
me honestly and directly.

I accept the fact that failure to comply with these rule
s or other rules established by my coach, may result in
a loss of playing time, suspension, or dismissal from the program for up to the remainder of the current
season and my family will bear the financial costs of
equipment, uniforms or travel expenses. I understand
that no monetary reimbursement will be made
to players of families of dismissed players.
Team - Player Letter of Agreement

I will uphold the NK Select Player Code of Conduct.

I will do my best academically.

I will be on time for every practice; 10 min prio
r to published practice times, 45 min prior to
published match times.

I will bring all required equipment and all team uniforms to every match.

I will inform the coach when I know I will be absent from or late for scheduled events.

I will give 100 percent in every practice and match.

I will allow myself to be coached.

I will respect and encourage all of my teammates in a positive and supporting manner.

I will do my best to achieve team goals
and help my team grow and mature.

I will maintain a positive attitude.
I/We, the undersigned, have read and understand the
Player’s Code of Conduct as written. We
agree to abide by these rules referenced and guide
lines indicated. We al
so agree to accept all
actions taken for player failu
re to abide by this code.
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