North Kitsap Soccer Club

Parent Code of Conduct

Parent Code of Conduct
North Kitsap Select Parent Code of Conduct
NK Select asks your support and cooperation as pa
rents whose child (child
ren) are participating
in the NK Select program.

Please recognize that the coach of you child’s team is
also responsible for your behavior at games. We
encourage you to enjoy watching matches, but remember
to be positive in your remarks. Support your
child and his/her teammates. Please be a positive role-model regarding sportsmanlike conduct.

By all means, offer your volunteer help to the coac
h, but remember that the ultimate responsibility for
coaching and making coaching decisions rests solely with
the coach. Should you
feel there is a problem,
discuss it privately with the coach rather than involving the player or other parents. This is usually best
accomplished before or after practice, or in the ev
enings, not immediately before or after a match.

Players will be asked to make a large commitment to the
team and take a great deal of responsibility in this
program. You can help greatly by giving them the s
upport they require to fully participate in the team’s
activities. Allow your child to assume responsibilities for him/her self.

Strive to set the same standards of sportsmanship that is
expected of the players.
Be considerate of others
when watching games, and enjoy the matches
Parent Letter of Agreement

I will uphold the NK Select Parent Code of Conduct.

I will help ensure my player is on time for every scheduled event.

- 10 minutes prior to published practice times

- 45 minutes prior to published match times

I will ensure the coach/manager is informed when I know my player
will be absent from scheduled events.

I will support the team by volunteering whenever and however I can.

I will control my emotions at games and events. I will not yell at other players,
coaches, or officials.

I will be a positive cheerleader for my child and her teammates.

I will allow the coach to do her job. I will not attempt to interfere with nor
negatively influence the coach.

I will respect the authority of the coach and communicate openly with her.

I will respect and encourage all players.

I will do my best to make the Phoenix sideline a fun and enjoyable place.
I/We the undersigned, have read and understand
the NK Select Parent Code of Conduct and
Parent Letter of Agreement I/We agree to ab
ide by these rules referenced and guidelines
indicated. I/We also agree to ac
cept all actions taken for parent failure to abide by these codes.
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