North Kitsap Soccer Club

Required Paperwork
Posted Mar 28, 2014

Every NKSC Team Manager shall ensure the following are completed, signed by the parent/guardian and/or player as applicable for each of their players, in the manager's possession and accessible when the team is training or playing matches:

    1. Proof of Age (copy of birth certificate or passport)
    2. Parent Code of Conduct (signed)
    3. Player Code of Conduct (signed)
    4. Medical Release (signed)
    5. Parent & Player Concussion Info Form (signed)

Except for the Proof of Age, the other documents were sent to each parent as part of their registration confirmation and they were directed to complete and hand to their respective manager.

These documents can also be retrieved by the parent/guardian, printed and signed using the following and is preferred as the Medical Release is already completed from the registration system:
   - Go to:
   - "Member log In" on the LEFT side of the home page and log in
   - "Past Registrations" on the RIGHT side of this next page
   - Choose "Print Form" corresponding to the player (all past registrations are displayed. If the player has player for multiple years ensure the correct player and age group corresponding to the current team is selected)
   - a .PDF file will be generated with the Player Code, Parent Code and Med Release.
   - Print the pages, fill in appropriate areas, and sign and date.

If all else fails print and complete these as required:
    - Player Code of Conduct & Letter of Agreement
    - Parent Code of Conduct & Letter of Agreement
    - Medical Release  (please note that if traveling out of state for tournaments this form should be notarized)
    - Parent & Player Concussion Info Form