North Kitsap Soccer Club

Select Teams and Coaches

The NK Competitive boasts the Most Highly Qualified All Volunteer Staff in Washington State. Our Staff is made up of highly experienced volunteer coaches dedicated to helping our student athletes advance their soccer and life skills while encouraging them to play for the "love of the game".

Their many years of coaching and playing experience helps ensure North Kitsap Competitive players receive quality team and individual training.

Their thousands of hours of volunteer coaching are testaments to their love of the game and strong commitment to helping our players develop while giving back to our community.

Select Teams and Head Coaches 2019


NK Vortex 09 Head Coach - Rob Baysden
NK Kraken 07 Head Coach - Scott Richards
NK Force 05 Head Coach - Kent Hoepfinger
NK Valhalla 03 Head Coach - Paul Bowers
NK Havoc 01 Head Coach - Chad Walgren


NK Ragnarok 09 Head Coach - Jared Payne -
NK Eclipse 08 Head Coach - Adam Shramek
NK Reign 07 Head Coach - Mike Fleck
NK Chaos 04 Head Coach - Glen Godfrey
NK Fury 02 Head Coach - Rob Lanfear

Updated 2/22/2020