North Kitsap Soccer Club

2017 Viking Cup Tournament Rules

All matches will be played with the rules of USYSA, US Club, FIFA and WYS, unless noted otherwise. The tournament committee will have final decisions on all Viking Cup tournament matters. The committee will comprise of at least 3 members of the tournament board.

Every team is required to have all tournament roster forms (Players names, birthdates and Jersey numbers) signed and approved by their association or league registrar. All teams from outside of Washington state must have official player identification passes issued by their state or league.

Team's must provide player identification cards and official team rosters prior to their first game. This will be required at the tournament headquarters 1 hour prior to teams first game. Failure to check in for the first game and plays. That team will forfeit their first game. Failure to check in prior to the 2nd game that team will forfeit the remainder of the tournament games.

Any team that exceeds the age bracket restrictions will forfeit all games the individual plays in. No players may play for more than one team during the tournament. All forfeits are 1-0.

All teams are required to have two sets of uniforms (dark and light) If there is a conflict in colors, the home team must change uniforms.

All teams will play a minimum of 3 games.

All field direction and kick off will be determined by a coin flip.

Divisional teams will be separated into different groups whenever possible.

A point system will determine the order of group play. As follows;

Six points for a win.
Three point per each goal up to three goals.
One point for a draw.
One point for a shutout.

The team with the most points from each group will be the winner of the group and the remainder will follow based on points. (If there are an uneven number of teams in one bracket and a team must play four games. Their points would be divided by ¾.

If at the end of group play teams equal in points, the tie breaker will be as follows;

Head to head
Goals against
Fewest losses
Most Shutouts
Goals for
Coin toss

The duration of the matches shall be as follows, Group play, consolation, semifinal and championship will be U11 & U12- 65 min games with two 30 minute halves, U13 & U14 -75 min games with two 35 minute halves, U15 & U16- 85 min games with two 40 minute halves, and U17 -U19- 95 min games with two 45 minute halves. In group play, consolation matches, a draw shall stand as played. In semi's and championship games that end in a draw will be decided by penalty kicks. There will be no overtimes.

Substitutions will be unlimited at the referee's discretion and at any dead period.

Games are all final as decided on the field. No protest will be accepted.

The Viking Cup committee and NKSC will accept no responsibility for games cancelled because of unplayable fields. Safety is the top priority for both the referee's and the players. No liability will be assumed by any hosting committees.